Monthly Archives: June 2006

Violence and the Bible

I once read about a person who stole Bibles, placed by the Gideons, out of Hotel rooms because he was offended by the violence they contained. With all the concern surrounding the violence on T.V. and its impact on people, perhaps we should consider the violence portrayed in Holy Writ. Certainly we find violence in the Bible and we find that sometimes the violence is glorified. Just consider the Song about David killing his ten thousands. (1 Sam 18:17. In fact the whole chapter is fairly violent).

How should one respond to this purported concern for the moral well-being of Bible readers?
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Fundamentalist- What does it mean?

One of those classic buzzwords that are used to vilify an intellectual position or behavior is the word, “Fundamentalist.” Say it and everyone in the room will nod their head in agreement that Fundamentalism is a danger to human civilization. Fundamentalist has become an acceptable slur to denigrate religious beliefs one finds unacceptable. Unfortunately, fundamentalist, as a term, is remarkably varied in its meaning. Let me explain by providing various definitions to help you see my point.
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Fur is dead

I have been monitoring the animal rights protest industry from afar for some time now. PETA, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is one of the best marketers of the animal rights ideology around. They run a web site where they are crowing about the decision from to stop selling fur.

I will have more to say about the fur industry in the future. But let me say, that not all fur is the same. I can’t speak for China’s fur farm trade. But I can for the fur trapping industry in North America. For all you environmentalists out there, I hope you realize that fur harvesting is one of the few activities where we can harvest a renewable resource from nature without destroying the underlying habitat. Not even tree harvesters or farmers can say that.

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Bizarre Religiosity

College lecturer Stephen Vantassel invites you to view a new regularly page that highlights and comments upon instances of unusual or bizarre religiosity. Some of this stuff is beyond common-sense comprehension, and some is almost unbelievable, hence the name of the page: Can’t Make This Up! Be sure to visit!