Fundamentalist- What does it mean?

One of those classic buzzwords that are used to vilify an intellectual position or behavior is the word, “Fundamentalist.” Say it and everyone in the room will nod their head in agreement that Fundamentalism is a danger to human civilization. Fundamentalist has become an acceptable slur to denigrate religious beliefs one finds unacceptable. Unfortunately, fundamentalist, as a term, is remarkably varied in its meaning. Let me explain by providing various definitions to help you see my point.

Meaning 1, is the historical meaning. In the Christian religion, a fundamentalist was someone who believed in five essential truths of Christianity namely, the bodily resurrection, vicarious atonement of Christ, Second Coming, Virgin Birth and infallability of Scripture.
Meaning 2, is an emotional meaning. A fundamentalist in this sense is someone who is just considered to be obnoxious, perhaps even rude. How rude? Well rude enough to believe that his/her beliefs are correct and yours are wrong and willing to tell you so. Where he/she is going to heaven/paradise and you are going to hell. Ironically, in a day and age where everyone is supposed to tolerate others, people really don’t tolerate fundemantalists in meaning #2 very well. In case you are wondering, toleration is often confused with affirmation for to tolerate something is to put up with something you don’t agree with.
Meaning 3 is a political meaning. A fundamentalist in this sense is someone who will kill you or oppress you using political power to compell you to abide by his/her understanding of religious principles.
I suspect that other meanings could be derived. But my point is this. If someone takes their religion seriously in that they believe that God/gods have the right to rule over every part of their lives and they seek to live consistently with that, they are often vilified as a fundamentalist. While under meaning number 1, that designation is true. They would be. But it doesn’t mean that every fundamentalist seeks to kill you for not believing as they do. The key is to figure out what kind of fundamentalist you are talking about rather than using the term as an ad hominem against their position. The indicated academic site looks like the foolproof region to ask professionals write my essay please.
There is also another issue. What do we call someone who says they believe in a religion a or b but don’t actively seek to live it out in every aspect of their lives in as consistent of a manner as possible? For if a fundamentalist is someone who actually lives out what he/she says she/he believes, then what does that say about everyone else who purports to follow the same religion? I hope you can see now why it is critical to get these defintitions straight.

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