Monthly Archives: July 2006

Cast the first stone

Ever hear a person try to defend his/her indfensible behavior by piously asserting, “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” The argument being that only perfect people can say that someone is wrong. But let us ask the question is this what John 8:1-11 is teaching us? If it was then how could a magistrate ever sentence a murderer to prison? He would have to be perfect. Of course, assuming the story is actually part of the canon (its textual basis is disputed), it is clear tha the passage wasn’t meant to be a New Testament version of Adam’s defense, eg. But Look at Eve!.
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The Nature of Reality

Throughout the ages, philosophers have wrestled with the nature of reality.  What is reality?  Can we rely on our five physical senses to accurately convey reality to our minds? Is the sky really blue, or does it just appear so to us?  Indeed, what does blue mean?  Science now tells us that colours appear as they do to us because of the way light is reflected and interpreted by our brains.  So is your blue the same as mine?  Most of us have asked ourselves such questions at some time in our lives. Read more »

Giver-Gift-Love?? Trinity Revisited

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A. branch) thought it should revisit the language used in referring to the Trinity. In a 40 page draft report, they discuss their motivation and ideas for deepening the church’s understanding of the eternal mystery of the Trinity. Certainly this activity is commendable. PCUSA is quite right that the Trinity is an essential doctrine of the church and one that is extraordinarily practical for the life of a believer.
But a comment on p. 8 which notes that the traditional language for the Trinity, Father-Son-Holy Spirit, has been used to oppress people, particularly women (p.8) could suggest that the motivation behind this work rests more on feminism than being faithful to Scripture.
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