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Five Things Secularists and Non-Believers Should Appreciate About Christianity

1. Christians don’t have to riot when someone blasphemes, insults or makes fun of Jesus Christ.
2. Christians are required to do good to all people, not just to those who call themselves Christians.
3. Christians are required to tell the truth to everyone, not just to fellow Christians.
4. Christians believe people have the right to go to hell and it isn’t our job to help them get to hell faster by killing them.
5. Christians don’t demand that their church’s steeple be the highest point in the city.

Truth is Offensive

One of the remarkable things about the modern world is the notion that all religious views are of equal worth and value.  Part of this attitude is due to Kant’s influence, which separated religious knowledge from scientific knowledge.  The result of this distinction was that people could avoid arguments on religion because it was no more or no less true than Santa Claus, so why bother. Just tap your religious friend on the head and say “Glad your beliefs work for you.” Read more »

The Bible and Truth

Is the Bible objectively ‘true’, either in part or as a whole? Is it objectively the Word of God, this book of paper and ink and leather which rests beside me on the table? Orthodox theology would claim that the Bible is ‘true’, and many evangelicals on the right wing would claim that – in the original autographs from which our modern translations descend – the very words were literally God’s words.  But what, exactly, do we mean by ‘true’?  Read more »

What if Bin Laden Came to Church?

Orthodox Christians sometimes grow numb to the incredible nature of God’s grace which He bestowed through Jesus Christ’s atoning work on the Cross. Our familiarity with Christ’s work can in effect breed a sense of complacency. We forget what an awe inspiring gift it is and was to receive God’s pardon for our rebellious behavior towards Him. Read more »

The Secularization of God

In the United States, our currency and various national icons have the clause, “In God We Trust” emblazoned on them for all to see. This clause has become a sort of Maginot line for the cultural conservatives who are trying to preserve the country’s identification with its religious heritage.  Atheistic evangelists who want to spread the gospel that God doesn’t exist are of course “offended” by this clause.  So they initiate lawsuits in an effort to get the government to remove this clause from government entities.  The atheistic case goes like this. Read more »