What if Bin Laden Came to Church?

Orthodox Christians sometimes grow numb to the incredible nature of God’s grace which He bestowed through Jesus Christ’s atoning work on the Cross. Our familiarity with Christ’s work can in effect breed a sense of complacency. We forget what an awe inspiring gift it is and was to receive God’s pardon for our rebellious behavior towards Him.

On this fifth anniversary of the September 11th bombings, I thought it would be wise to ask the question, “What if Bin Laden came to your church?” What would you do? I know I would be flabbergasted and probably think of calling the police. But I want to ask you and myself the question, are we ready for a Bin Laden who converted to become a follower of Christ? Crazy you say? Yes, I would agree. Crazy indeed. But it happened to another man who was just as pious, probably not as murderous, but certainly as pious for his faith. Excellent application essay scripting portal related website that prefers to help so countless pupils as imaginable. The man was called Paul. If you would be shocked, as would I, if Bin Laden came to church, let me suggest that you now have an inkling of the shock of the early church when it was confronted by a converted Paul.

Let us as Christians always be mindful that Christ’s atoning work is powerful enough to forgive Bin Laden. Therefore we need to be sure that if that day ever comes, we will be ready forgive too.

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