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Who is responsible for the education of our children?

I don’t know the situation in England or Western Europe. But in America, we are bombarded with doomsday prophets decrying how ignorant and uneducated our children are. We are repeatedly told of surveys which demonstrate how little students know about geography (one asked to identify Iraq on a world map. The results were so bad you don’t want to know the percentage who got the answer right), government, etc. When U.S. students are compared to their counterparts in Western Europe, Japan and South Korea the numbers are indeed sad. Read more »

People Are Basically Good?

One of the statements that can be frequently heard is the notion that everyone is essentially good. This is not meant to deny that individuals do bad things. It is just to assert that when everything is taken into account, and the scales are evaluated, humans have more good than evil in them.

While such a notion is surprisingly popular, like Santa Claus, it is based on a mythological view of the human experience. If one simply thinks on a statistical level, it is apparent that such an optimistic notion faces some big hurdles. For example, out of 6 billion people in the world, is it really probable that everyone one of them is more good than evil? Isn’t it more likely that at least one is more evil than good? What about taking history into account? Was Hitler really someone containing more good than evil? What about Adolf Eichmann? Himler? Stalin? Pol Pot? Idi Amin? Were all these individuals simply misunderstood? Or were they just victims of an incredibly vicious media and historical smear campaign?
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They Are Just Words

Several years back, during the height of the Rap music phenomenon, concern was being raised concerning the lyrics of the songs. Some of the songs glorified violence and a lifestyle that came to be known as “Gangsta.”  To be sure Rap music wasn’t the only form of music that came under criticism. Heavy metal bands have regularly combined sex, drugs, violence and rebellion against taboos and authority in their lyrics and videos as well. Read more »

Arguing for the Existence of God

Should Christians attempt to argue for the existence of God?  After all, from the outset the Bible takes His existence for granted and continues throughout without any apparent need to justify the assertion that God simply is.  The nearest Scripture comes to an argument in support of God’s existence is in the odd places where a fairly negative standpoint is taken; i.e., that it is foolish not to believe (e.g., psalm 14:1), or that to disbelieve is to be ‘without excuse’ (Rom 1:18ff).     Read more »

Charismatic or Pentecostal?

One of the most common errors among Evangelical Christians is the confusion surrounding the words Charismatic and Pentecostal. While members within these groups themselves may not be completely aware of the distinction, it is clear that many outside these camps are also unaware. What follows is a simple way to keep these two groups distinct in your mind. (Key passages to read include 1 Corinthians 12-14; Acts 2; and parallels as noted in a good reference Bible). Read more »

Just a Mistake

One of my hobbies is looking at how individuals manipulate language.  In America we call it spin. Post Modernists call it ordinary communication because to them all communication is by definition propaganda. For this blog, I want to ignore the post modernists and focus on the ordinary people who actually still believe that words can in fact correspond to reality as it really is. Read more »