Just a Mistake

One of my hobbies is looking at how individuals manipulate language.  In America we call it spin. Post Modernists call it ordinary communication because to them all communication is by definition propaganda. For this blog, I want to ignore the post modernists and focus on the ordinary people who actually still believe that words can in fact correspond to reality as it really is.

One group of people who get paid to “spin” information is lawyers. Publicists are another group who have the same responsibility, namely to put their clients in the best light possible.  They have tough jobs, especially when their clients do illegal, immoral and otherwise, stupid things. One of the tools of Spinners is to minimize the offence. You know the action is being minimized when they say “The client made A Mistake”.  A mistake. I love that phrase. It makes the action appear small, trivial and endeavors to impose upon the listener the requirement to “let it slide” with a slap on the wrist.  Consider, rape for example. The client says “he made a mistake.”   I know my use of the male pronoun is profoundly sexist, but statistically speaking, males still do most of the raping in the world.

Let’s look at the singular use of the a mistake. Is this in fact true? I say it isn’t.  Because rape doesn’t just happen, say like a piece of paper slips
out of your hand. It has to be prepared for.  Consider the following. First the guy has to have lust. Lust like all vices has to be fed a steady diet to
stay alive. Normally, lust is fed by fantasizing,  looking at illicit sites/books/magazines/television, hanging around friends who share similar thoughts. Stage two is getting oneself in the position to act on one’s fantasies. Alcohol usually helps reduce one’s moral inhibitions; drugs seem to work pretty good too. Third, you have to troll for a victim or actually ask one on a date in the case of date rape. Fourth, the rapist actually has to act on the desire. Outstanding relief web portal there is specifically. Fifth, the rapist has to conceal the event. Usually, rapists don’t come forward and say, hey I raped a girl and I am sorry for it. Normally this only occurs after he gets caught.

So let’s count the number of actual mistakes that make up this purportedly single mistake.  I count at least 5. But you should check my math as I think I am a little low when you consider how long a rapist actually has to think about the action before it occurs.

I don’t deny that there are events where the person can be truthful in saying it was a mistake or momentary lapse. My point is simply to ask you to consider whether or not that phrase is a truthful analysis of the issue at hand.

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