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Warning to Adulterous Husbands

As a student of human nature, I enjoy watching news shows that delve into the complexities of various court room proceedings, such as 48 Hours, Dateline etc. Courtrooms make for excellent television because you have a ready-made plot, tension, good & evil, etc. In America, most of the stories center on murder trials. Murder trials are the pinnacle of the aforementioned advantages of filming courtroom proceedings because they deal with life and death issues.

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Should Christians Study Philosophy?

Dr. Gillian McKeith  (borrowing a famous old saying), entitles her Channel 4 TV programmes; ‘You Are What You Eat’. But this old saying is certainly not true! It should read ‘You Are What You Think.’  The AV puts it perfectly: ‘For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’ (Prov 23:7).  It’s the way we think; that which comes from the inside, which shapes our actions and our whole lives (c.f. Matt 15:19). 
Our worldview, our philosophy of life – the amalgam of our views in every area; religion, history, science, ethics etc, – is therefore clearly of fundamental importance. Read more »

Michael Reid and the Peniel Church

I wonder how many of you, like me, often watch What God Can Do for You (Revelation TV, Sky channel 765 Mon-Fri 10:30 pm)?  Michael Reid and his wife Ruth present the programme and it can be very entertaining.  For a start, Mr. Reid (or Bishop as he is known at his church in Brentwood, Essex) has a very up-front, confrontational style which is quite unusual in a preacher today. I admire him for the way he defends the Gospel, for his stance on family values and his fearlessness in speaking out against every kind of wickedness and injustice which plagues this country and the rest of the world.  But most of all, I admire him because he’s deliciously un-politically correct.  Moreover, Bishop Reid believes that people need to be confronted with the gospel, not given a watered down invitation in the context of a ‘seeker friendly’ church. I agree with him! Most of his theology seems quite orthodox, and I’m sure most MBC students would agree with a great deal of what he has to say and declare him ‘sound’. So far, so good. Read more »

The Richard Dawkins Delusion

Recently, I became aware of a new book by a man called Richard Dawkins, entitled “The God Delusion.” As the title suggests, the book is an argument against Theism. But I have a problem. How can I be sure this person called Richard Dawkins even exists?
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I love watching politics and political debate as presented by the mainstream media. The bob and weave of verbal pugilists who seek for an opportunity to destroy the opposing viewpoint is truly something to behold. Unfortunately, truth is a frequent casualty of political debate. Now I understand in a Post Modern world, nothing is more naïve than talk of “Truth.” But I am not referring to objective truth here. The truth I mean is an accurate portrayal of someone’s position. Frequently in political debate the goal is to “Frame” the debate so that the opposing position looks silly or hopelessly out of touch.
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When Ministers Fail

Recently, mega-church pastor and president of the National Evangelical Association, Ted Haggard has been accused of buying methamphetamine and paying a male prostitute for sexual favors (See how the story unfolded at ( The prostitute stated that he decided to come forward now because it was the moral thing to do. He felt he had to expose Haggard’s hypocrisy regarding homosexual marriage, which publicly Haggard opposes. The stakes are high because Haggard’s church resides in Colorado which is facing a ballot referendum (known as Referendum I) on the issue of domestic partnerships. Read more »