The Richard Dawkins Delusion

Recently, I became aware of a new book by a man called Richard Dawkins, entitled “The God Delusion.” As the title suggests, the book is an argument against Theism. But I have a problem. How can I be sure this person called Richard Dawkins even exists?

“Well we have a book by him.”

To that I can only say, “Have you ever heard of Mark Twain? Mark Twain wasn’t really the author’s true name, (It was Samuel Clemens). Beside, the book could be just a fraud designed to make be think that someone named Richard Dawkins, is in fact an atheist, and this person actually exists.”

“But we have witnesses who say they saw him, knew him and can tell you that he exists and that he is an atheist.”

“But how do I know that they are telling me the truth? Maybe they want me to believe in Dawkins in order to increase the amount of their royalty check from sales of the book? Maybe they are part of some religious cult whose mission it is to convince feeble-minded people that God doesn’t exist so they can extort money from them to support the work of converting Theists to Atheism. How can I be sure?”

“But didn’t you see him on television when he was speaking in Lynchburg, Virginia?”

“Yes, but there are false documentaries on the Television all the time. Haven’t you heard of Oliver Stone?”

You may ask, “What would convince you that Richard Dawkins exists?”

“If he came to visit me at work and introduced himself on November 30, 2006.”

“Why would he go through all that trouble? After all, who are you?”

“Those are my terms. Till I get the evidence that I demand on my time schedule and in the form of my choosing, I am justified in believing that a person called Richard Dawkins, author of “The God Delusion”, is nothing more than a fanciful myth perpetrated to separate simple minded people from their money. “

©2006 Stephen Vantassel

  1. hi,
    isnt there a movement at the minute to cause richard dawkins to have no royalties for the sales of his book because hes claiming that theres no such thing as true free will in a materialistic c & e universe and, therefore, him claiming responsibility for writing his book is an illusion? hmmm..

    theres a radio interview in which he gets slaughtered by a catholic journalist called david quinn (download here):

  2. Despite the brilliance of Richard Dawkins’ mind, his abundant arrogance overshadows any sensible ideas that he may have. He is articulate, intelligent and well read, but he appears to have this “need” to “prove” there is no God. Even so called “religious experience”, according to him, is just an evolutionary product within the brain. How does he know? We, as Christians, have our belief based upon documented evidence, but essentially it is faith that gives us our belief. Dawkins also has a faith. He believes that evolution is true, and this is also a belief based upon documented evidence, but essentially neither Christians or Dawkins knows the absolute truth, but I cannot and will not believe my ancester is an amoebe! To this end he continues to argue against the existence of God (despite other brilliant minds – Stephen Hawkins et al. – suggesting there must be a god), but thankfully he cannot be proven correct, and we have the “experience” of the Holy Spirit to lead us to the truth. However, this whole argument is circular, and what Prof. Dawkins needs, desperately, is plenty of prayer. Just because he can’t prove something doesn’t mean it’s not true. We all have a personal “line” to the Lord (in prayer) to “prove” otherwise! Don’t get angry with him, get even by offering his unbelief to our Lord and Saviour. May God bless you, Prof. Dawkins!

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