Warning to Adulterous Husbands

As a student of human nature, I enjoy watching news shows that delve into the complexities of various court room proceedings, such as 48 Hours, Dateline etc. Courtrooms make for excellent television because you have a ready-made plot, tension, good & evil, etc. In America, most of the stories center on murder trials. Murder trials are the pinnacle of the aforementioned advantages of filming courtroom proceedings because they deal with life and death issues.

Having watched a number of them, I thought I should provide some advice to all the husbands out there who are cheating on their wives. The advice is simple and straightforward, hire a bodyguard for your wife. Because for some unknown reason, murderers seem to seek to kill women whose husbands are cheating on them. Why is this so? One can only guess. Because another fact of all these shows is that every one of the husbands claimed not have murdered his wife, because as they put it, “still loved them.” They would regularly point out that being an adulterer doesn’t make them a murderer.  They cautioned against guilt by association. 


I can only say that I couldn’t agree more. Just because you are an adulterer, doesn’t mean that you are or will become, a murderer.  That is why I want to warn every husband out there who is cheating on his wife, to be careful. Someone wants to murder your wife. Why is this so? I have no idea. It just seems to be a common theme on these television news shows. So if you want to be sure you don’t find yourself in court defending yourself against a crime you didn’t commit, you had better hire a body guard for your spouse. Because the woman you claim to love, is in more danger than you realize. Momentous intellectual advice page see homepage for worldwide university students.


Of course, I could recommend that you stop the affair. But somehow, I think most adulterers won’t bother listening to that old fashioned and fundamentalist advice of a previous era.  Hopefully, they will listen to this other advice.


© 2006 Stephen Vantassel



  1. Lateral thinking is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t diminish from what is ultimately accurate. For example, perhaps we should advise the adulterers to drill holes in their fridges to see if the light goes out when the door is closed! Alternatively, they can trust the light goes out when the door is closed because that’s what true (they’ve been told it does, and they can assume it does because when the door is open and they press the flange the light is extinguished). We’re told not to commit adultery, and for those who have seen the emotional turmoil and damage caused as a result of ignoring this advice they would perhaps agree. Or they could simply agree because that’s what is told to us. However, when one is arrogant, or ignorant enough to disregard this advice then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to see the light within their fridge before they open the door.

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