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Flags and Church

The United States is not known for its pomp and circumstance. We just haven’t been around long enough to develop a rich tradition of symbolism, uniforms and other symbols of power and prestige. Perhaps the closest thing comparable to a royal-like event is a state funeral. With the death of former president, Gerald Ford, the U.S. will have the opportunity to honor him with a military honor guard, parade and repose in the Capital dome. Read more »


One of the most common canards used against Orthodox Christians is that they are “homophobic.” This charge is repeated like a Hare Krishna mantra in the hopes that if it is said enough times, it will magically become true. If not true, then at least believed as true. Certainly, homophobia, understood as fear of homosexuals, can occur among Christians just like it can any social group. I am confident that there are people who think that homosexuality, like the flu, can be “caught” through casual contact. If the term is used in this way, I have no problem with it.
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Christians and Foster Care

In the Greco-Roman period, one of the ways parents got rid of unwanted children was through exposure. They would simply take the infant to an isolated area and leave it. Sure they had abortion in those days, but it was too dangerous to use. Exposing infants was a safer form of birth control. Safer that is, for the mother. Christians, appropriately following the Words of Christ to Love their neighbor, would save these children from certain death by raising them as their own.
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The Lost Gospels

I wonder how many of you reading this watched the BBC4 programme, The Lost Gospels on Monday 4th December at 9:00 pm?  The programme is scheduled to be repeated soon and will no doubt appear also on BBC2. Read more »

Religious Pluralism

Over the past few years, I’ve come across many people – some claiming to be religious – who are either surprised or shocked at my arrogance in believing that Christianity is the highest and truest revelation of God and that nobody comes to the Father except through Jesus Christ. Why is this? Read more »