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The Bible Is Clearly All Wrong

I’m feeling pretty fed up at the moment.  Almost every time I switch on the radio or TV, I seem to hear stories which attempt to marginalise Christians, especially those who wish to try and follow the teachings of the Bible.  At the time of writing this, the big story is about gay couples adopting children and the problems which this is raising with the Catholic adoption agencies.  I’ve been absolutely horrified by some of the opinions I’ve heard coming from the media over the last seven days.  Perhaps the worst was from a gay man, an economist with The Independent (I didn’t catch his name) who was a panellist on The Moral Maze (Radio 4, 10:15pm, Saturday 27th January).  He said that basing our decisions on instructions from an imagined supernatural deity who someone had thought up hundreds of years ago was ‘ludicrous’. He went on to compare the attitude of the RC church towards gay people with that of the Ku Klux Klan towards black people. Read more »

War and Time

A lot has been made of the fact that the war in Iraq has taken longer than the Allies war on Germany in the 1940’s. Whether you agree with the war in Iraq or not, I hope to convince you that this sort of arm chair reasoning to be extraordinarily naïve as it demonstrates an unbelievable ignorance regarding history and war in general.
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Resources for the Theology Student

I thought I would take a break from social and political commentary and recommend a couple of resources for theology students. Let me first say, straight away, that I have NOT been compensated for these comments. I wish I was. But I wasn’t nor is there anything in the works where I will be compensated, although I wish there was.
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Got that Stem-Cell Religion?

As a philosopher, I have to smile about the sycophantic way people talk about science. Rarely is this sort of check-your-brain-at-the-door attitude more prevalent than with the debate over embryonic stem cells. Read more »

Opportunity Cost

If I had the opportunity to teach the citizens of Western Democracies just one (non-theological) concept, I would choose to teach about “opportunity cost.”  Opportunity cost is an economic term that says when you buy one thing, you lose the ability or opportunity to use that money to buy another. Of course, it has other applications as well. Take time for example. If you do activity “x” you give up the opportunity to do “y.” 

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