The Bible Is Clearly All Wrong

I’m feeling pretty fed up at the moment.  Almost every time I switch on the radio or TV, I seem to hear stories which attempt to marginalise Christians, especially those who wish to try and follow the teachings of the Bible.  At the time of writing this, the big story is about gay couples adopting children and the problems which this is raising with the Catholic adoption agencies.  I’ve been absolutely horrified by some of the opinions I’ve heard coming from the media over the last seven days.  Perhaps the worst was from a gay man, an economist with The Independent (I didn’t catch his name) who was a panellist on The Moral Maze (Radio 4, 10:15pm, Saturday 27th January).  He said that basing our decisions on instructions from an imagined supernatural deity who someone had thought up hundreds of years ago was ‘ludicrous’. He went on to compare the attitude of the RC church towards gay people with that of the Ku Klux Klan towards black people.

It seemed strange to me that no-one on that programme – or on other broadcasts I’ve heard – seriously discussed the dichotomy which Christians have.  This is that the plain teaching of the Christian and Jewish scriptures is in conflict with new secular laws. Nor did I hear anyone point out the clear evidence which exists that shows that a child fares better in a stable family with a father and a mother. It’s also interesting that although the Bible and Christians are targeted for bigoted insults (such as those quoted above) I haven’t heard any mention of the scriptures of Islam and followers of that holy book being criticised.  The Koran mentions homosexuality in several places (usually referring back to the story of Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah), and for Muslims as well as Christians, homosexual acts are considered sinful.  This kind of inconsistency doesn’t surprise me. Christianity is much easier to attack than Islam in today’s Britain. It seems that this once great nation is hell-bent on abandoning the religious, moral and ethical beliefs on which its society and culture was built.

And so it is that today, if we are to know the kind of truth which sets us free, we must, it seems, look to our politicians (some of whom we’d probably hesitate to buy a used car from), or from a spokesperson for some minority rights organisation, or even a footballer or some other ‘celebrity’.  We must certainly not trust (for what was considered for almost 2000 years) the Word of God, because that’s in conflict with these talking heads at a thousand points.  We must therefore permit homosexuals to marry and adopt children. We should not though, make it a condition that either homosexuals or heterosexuals should be married as a condition of adoption. No, although we are to trust such couples with the commitment of bringing up a child for up to 18 years, their long-term commitment to each other may be simply assumed or ignored.  Anyone who dares question this new wisdom will promptly be accused of living in the past, of not wanting the best for the children and/or of being homophobic. 

The problems raised with the Catholic adoption agencies will be the first of many which will be thrown up in future months and years because a lot of the silly laws rushed through by this government have been given little thought. Under their guidance, our moral fibre has now developed to such a peak that a child (yes, a child) of sixteen, male or female, can legally have sex with anyone above that age (male or female), but can’t buy a cigarette to smoke afterwards! 

Sometimes, people tell me I’m old fashioned and that I should accept these changes to our laws. “After all, it’s the 21st century!” they’ll say (1).  Recently, I’ve decided what my reply to these critics should be, and it goes something like this: “I see, I see! Yes! It’s so obvious to me now! Times have changed! The Bible is clearly all wrong on these matters.  From now on, when I want to know the right and proper way to behave, I shall ask you.”

(1) Though at what point the passage of time ever gained the power to change truth to falsehood and right to wrong has escaped me.

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