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Politicization of Veritas?

Veritas. Latin word for truth. It is the motto of Harvard University. Harvard made the news due to its recent installment of a female President. This act was predictably heralded as yet another milestone in women’s rights and progress. Perhaps. But more importantly for Harvard, the gender-empowering nature of this installation enables Harvard to atone for an egregious sin.
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What If God Doesn’t Exist?

In another entry in this blog (13th October 2006), I discussed some arguments for the existence of God.  I think that having a working knowledge of some of these ideas which have developed throughout the history of the Church can be useful, both for strengthening the faith of believers, and for use in our evangelistic efforts.  However, there is another way we can approach both these goals.  Read more »

Essential Bible Study Books, Part 2

Last week, I listed several books which I suggested were essential for basic Bible study. I will finish the list with several more suggestions. Please note, however, that my recommendations in no way should be interpreted as meaning one shouldn’t own other books. I am simply providing the foundational texts necessary for anyone wanting to begin serious Bible study.
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Essential Texts for Interpreting Scripture

One of the great myths being purveyed today says that one needs a great number of books in order to properly understand Scripture. This myth is partially fuelled by the belief that the Bible is an enigma in which one needs a secret key in order to unlock its secrets. Certainly, a larger library is better than a smaller one. However, as one who has a large library, I can assure you that it doesn’t take many books to quickly discover that adding one more doesn’t add much additional knowledge. For the law of diminishing returns quickly comes into play.
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Love Life, Live Lent (The Twee-ification of the Church of England)

I was in the Wesley-Owen bookshop in Leeds city centre on Wednesday, 7th Feb, browsing through some new books and CDs.  On display near the till I noticed a little booklet entitled Love Life, Live Lent.  This Anglican publication caught my attention as I’d heard our vicar mention that we’d be using it during Lent at our own church.  He’d also pointed out that this year we’d be “doing something” instead of “giving something up.”      Read more »

Hate War? Then Support the Draft!

It seems counterintuitive but the fact is, if you live in a democratic society, and don’t like war, then one of the best ways to avoid it is to have a compulsory peace-time national draft. The reason why a peace-time draft reduces the risk of a nation’s going to war stems from the democratization of risk.
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