Essential Bible Study Books, Part 2

Last week, I listed several books which I suggested were essential for basic Bible study. I will finish the list with several more suggestions. Please note, however, that my recommendations in no way should be interpreted as meaning one shouldn’t own other books. I am simply providing the foundational texts necessary for anyone wanting to begin serious Bible study.

4. A Bible Atlas. If you don’t know where the events are taking place, you can’t understand the geo-political issues involved. Fail to have a map handy and you will miss the significance of the way Amos organized his curses in Amos 1-2. I suggest The Oxford Bible Atlas as a good text to use.
5. E.W. Bullinger’s Figures of Speech Used in the Bible. Although an old text, it remains a classic. The book has an excellent index and explanations of the vast number of figures of speech contained in the Bible. Use of this book will save you from making a number of poor interpretations based on misreading a figure of speech.
6. A Systematic Theology. A systematic theology organizes Biblical teaching in a logical rather than historical or chronological order as is found in a Biblical theology text. There are a number of excellent Systematic theologies available. But since cost is a concern, I will only mention single volume texts. The first is Milliard Erickson’s Evangelical Theology is a classic, which has been recently revised. Followed by Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. Erickson’s text is essentially Baptistic and Grudem’s perspective is Charismatic and Reformed. Either one will do the job of helping you see the larger theological issues behind the passages you are dealing with.
7. Finally, a single volume commentary on the Bible. While single volume commentaries certainly won’t provide one with much depth, they will help you outline the various books and help you see the forest through the trees. I suggest picking one that has been published in the last 30 years and which doesn’t necessarily agree with your point of view. Reading a different perspective can help you better understand and reflect on your own position and thereby help you become more submissive to the Word of God. Adopt this service read full review to be served with tutoring cooperation from accessible tutors.

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