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Psalms Only, Please!

An acquaintance of mine wrote recently to tell me of a friend of his who claims that we shouldn’t sing any hymns as part of our Christian worship, but only Old Testament Psalms. I’ve heard this argument many times before and for the life of me, I can’t understand it. Of course we should use psalms in Christian worship! But the idea that the composition of all creative Christian music or poetry based on revelation should have ceased 2000 years ago and that we should sing only works written 3000 years ago is, in my opinion, daft. If we carried this to its logical conclusion, we wouldn’t even read out ‘The Notices’. After all, they’re not ‘Scriptural’! Read more »

Jesus has Returned?

I recently saw a news show which had a segment on Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda. He is a 60 year old from Puerto Rico who claims to be the incarnate Christ who has returned. What a guy. He denies the existence of hell, has 666 tatooed on his body, and believes that satan and the anti-christ have been misunderstood.
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One of the mantra’s of contemporary education is “celebrate diversity.” Like all jingles, it contains an important truth. Unfortunately, the proponents are not always consistent with their stated values.

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Politicians and Public Opinion

Americans love to hate politicians. It is a national pastime. Few topics raise more ire than bringing up issues facing congress. Usually you will hear comments such as “politicians are liars, phonies, sell outs, lazy, obstructionists, and other pejorative comments that we can’t repeat here in a family styled blog.” But I wonder how fair we are being.
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