Jesus has Returned?

I recently saw a news show which had a segment on Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda. He is a 60 year old from Puerto Rico who claims to be the incarnate Christ who has returned. What a guy. He denies the existence of hell, has 666 tatooed on his body, and believes that satan and the anti-christ have been misunderstood.

The word is this guy is pretty rich from all the money that his followers have donated to him. To read up on him visit He is presently on his second marriage, but who is counting? I wonder if Mr. Miranda will be included in the sequel to the Da Vinci Code? Develop a position from networked correspondents who operate at this web service profitable site. Aside from the blasphemy entailed by such claims, you have to admire the man’s business acumen. What Mr. Miranda’s success should tell Christians is
1. People are looking for someone to lead them
2. People are looking for someone to lead them in the way they want to be led (itching ears)
3. Even in the so called modern world, people will still believe in some remarkable things
4. Christians should recognize the spiritual nature of our work
5. Christians should prepare themselves for the fallout of the effects of this man’s “ministry.” For sooner or later, the birds will come home to roost.

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