Partial Birth Abortion

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court finally decided that states could place limits on a parent’s ability to kill a child. While the victory for life and moral decency was a pathetically small one (given the number of child killings in the U.S.), the level of agnst and teeth grinding seen in the advocates for the pro-abortion industry (yes abortion is big business) provided great entertainment.

Even the media, whose complicity about this moral outrage knows few bounds, were fumbling over themselves as they interviewed the advocates of baby killing crying about how this is the first step to the end of all baby killing. I wish their fears were true but despite their apocalyptic rhetoric, abortion on demand won’t end in the U.S. There are just too many rich people who need it to take care of their “mistakes” to end it. Also too many Christians, while publically against abortion, continue to quietly support it by their votes and inadequate leadership in the home and church, because they too might need it someday.

One way the media obscured the facts about this victory was their distancing themselves from the term, partial birth abortion. Instead of calling the procedure what it is, partial birth abortion, the media said the procedure which some call partial birth abortion. One could only hope they were that consistent when they spoke of other issues, but that would be to hope too much.

I am sure that I will get some comments about how “Christians shouldn’t rejoice over the fall of our enemies.” This sort of comment represents the typical poor exegesis and weak kneed Christianity which somehow thinks we can fight evil but be sad when we win. This isn’t a fall of personal destruction for the wicked. It is a removal of one part of their power to inflict and support evil. It would be wrong to rejoice if they were killed or severely injured in an accident. Additionally, God is not crying in heaven over the saving of the few babies that will be saved by the loss of this gruesome abortion procedure. (I am not saying that other forms of abortion aren’t gruesome. But there is a distinction between the suffering entailed by a baby whose brain hasn’t developed yet and that of a 9 month baby who is partially born only to be killed while his head in still in the birth canal). Downright community out to be the best site.

May I suggest that we rejoice over this small victory. Be sad that so many people think that the court decision was a bad one. Work to help women scared by the guilt (guilt for abortion is appropriate but Christ’s atonement is sufficient). Call men to be responsible in their sexuality, because ultimately abortion is the height of male chauvinism. And continue to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

It should strike Christians as a strange thing that anti-christians cry for freedom of speech in which all sorts of evil are spewed about. But when we want the public to clearly visualize what is involved in partial birth abortion we are somehow cruel and indecent. Hypocrisy is not just the province of religious people.

© Stephen Vantassel 2007

  1. Well said, Stephen. What amazes me about this is the amount of misinformation out there that is swallowed hook line and sinker by those who want to believe it – such as, that women’s lives are endangered by outlawing this procedure (a physical health exception is clearly written into the ban) or that this is only ever done on unviable fetuses (the abortion industry’s own figures show that to be a lie). Tiller the Killer of course will still carry on doing late abortions regardless since he uses different killing methods.

    Do you think the pro-choice backlash, the move to ban states from limiting abortion, will succeed?

    I dread to think what will happen under the next president, assuming s/he is a democrat as looks highly likely 🙁

  2. October this year – 40 years of legal abortion in the UK…. over 7 million dead so far….Church where are you?

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