Monthly Archives: May 2007

Authorial Intent

One of the hallmarks of Biblical interpretation, at least how it is employed by historically orthodox Christians, is role that authorial intent plays in grounding the meaning of a passage. Scholars like to say that “Texts speak.” But the reality is, as one scholar nicely put it, “Texts don’t speak, people do!”

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Sites for Students

One of the challenges of distance education is helping students gain access to resources. Brick and mortar schools have large libraries and a resident student body. Distance education students often lack access to large theological libraries. So how do we cope?

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Is Mitt Romney a Christian?

Republican Party Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been in the center of a controversy because some people claim that he is not a Christian because he is a Mormon. Mormon’s, who prefer to be called, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, are followers of Joseph Smith, a man in the 1800’s who translated documents alleging to be a new or additional revelation of Jesus Christ. What is so surprising about all this, is the debate over whether saying Mitt Romney is not a Christian is in fact an insult.
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