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One of the challenges of distance education is helping students gain access to resources. Brick and mortar schools have large libraries and a resident student body. Distance education students often lack access to large theological libraries. So how do we cope?

One way is to develop your own library. I have already written about the Logos program. Another way is to plan trips to a research library and do all your research in one or two days. Still another way is to learn about key web sites that contain valuable information.

I should note that most theological web sites lack the intellectual rigor necessary for Midlands Bible College papers. This doesn’t mean those sites are necessarily wrong (although some certainly are), it is just that the purpose of many theological sites is evangelism or educational (in a Sunday School way) in thrust.  Valid uses of the internet but not sufficiently reflective for our needs.

Fortunately, I found one site that can be a big help for students looking for classic works by theologians throughout Church History. It is called the Christian Classics Ethereal Library.  This site contains the collection of Ante-Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers as well as a number of other texts including Augustine, Calvin and Luther.  Don’t think it is just a Protestant literature piece either. It has a broad collection of documents.  The benefit of this site, run by Calvin College in the U.S., lay in its being free and its attention to detail. They really want these digital versions of the documents to be accurate. Immense lucky chance in order to learn quickly far-reaching source exploit the thing promptly.

To be sure, this site is not one stop theological shopping. But if you need to consult past theological writings that have stood the test of time (perhaps to check to see if a later commentator accurately portrayed the thought of these writers), this is the site for you.

Plus with it being free and scholarly, how can you go wrong.

Copyright Stephen Vantassel, 2007

  1. Thank you, Stephan. Peter

  2. It is Stephen. And you are welcome. Glad to help.

  3. I came across this site a few weeks ago, and was quite impressed with it. I have found of late that there seems to be a lot of sites that have calvanist overtones and not many on the otherside of the theological debat, that being Wesley-arminian.

    I have been alarmed at how many Calvanist sites have pretty much lumped Arminian scholars into one and call them heretics of the worst kind.

    I have only just scratched the surface, but it seems that Calvanism is having a resurgence lately.


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