The anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God (James 1:20). The passage occurs within the context of James’ treatment of Christian response to external and internal trial. I thought it would be a good idea to talk about anger because so many of our problems in the political front are due to anger.

Anger is an emotional reaction to some perceived (real or not) wrong. Anger in and of itself is not evil. It is a valuable emotion in that it can motivate us to act. Parents get angry with their children’s bad behavior. Judge’s get angry over the evil of a criminal. Those are typically good expressions of anger. The problem arises when anger begins to simmer like a boiled down stew. Over time, the anger changes the person. He becomes sullen, cynical, emotionally detached, and looking for an object for his rage. Depression is frequently an expression of anger turned inward. While a condition in need of help, it typically is destructive to only the individual and his/her immediate family/friends. Politically speaking, it is less significant, so I will focus on the version of anger that is politically significant.
Anger turned outward leads to violence. Terrorism is an expression of anger. It’s an anger that expresses itself like a blunt instrument because the terrorist isn’t angry with individuals, but with groups and systems. A faceless enemy is easier to hate, because it doesn’t talk back, it cannot defend itself, and therefore becomes easier to kill. The enemy can be wrongly characterized, because the facts don’t matter. Add religion into the mix and one gains divine approval for the anger and its ultimate expression.

It is the poisonous nature of anger that lies behind the Scripture’s repeated warnings about avoiding anger. Christians susceptible to the siren call of anger must refocus their attention on the sovereignty of a loving God who truly works all things for good of those who love Him. (Notice how pagans misrepresent this passage Romans 8 by their applying it to everyone, Christian or not). Confidence in a loving and sovereign God empowers us to continue to work for justice with an attitude of Love, capable of suffering wrongs without hating the wrongdoer. This doesn’t mean that wrongdoers shouldn’t be stopped or that police officers shouldn’t arrest criminals. It means that our fight against evil always recognizes the spiritual nature of the fight. The ultimate enemy isn’t the terrorist, he is just the pawn. The ultimate enemy is Satan who seeks to destroy the good, the just, the beautiful and the loving. The pawn should be stopped. But keeping in mind the real enemy allows us to have the capacity to accept change in the pawn, should he repent. Site owner concluded to share this component look what i observed it may be advantageous.

My father told me something about human character that has proven itself so true in my own observation of human behavior. He said, when someone is very critical of others, hyper legalistic in Christian terms, chances are he is struggling with a moral problem in his life. We should not be surprised when famous hell-fire and damnation preachers are discovered in sexual sin.

Finally, in your observance of other faiths and personalities, ask yourself, why is this person so angry? Why are the adherents of this or that religion, social group, gender, so angry? You may find that their legitimate claims of injustices suffered has become a way to justify their unjust actions against others. It is appropriate to ask them, “When you achieve your view of justice, who or what will you hate then?” For chances are, they will still hate even after getting everything they want. Remember, an angry person is insatiable. Ultimately, the problem with the world is not material, political or even educational. The problem is moral. And moral problems require a deliverer. Make sure you let people know who that deliverer is.

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