Monthly Archives: July 2007

New Bible Study Resources

The Midlands Bible College has several new audio Bible studies available as instant digital downloads. Full details can be found here.


Michael Moore, the intrepid movie producer of all things liberal, has a new movie out, called “Sicko.” Whatever truth seekers wish to think about Moore, they cannot deny that he has a Midas touch when it comes to marketing. The problem with the movies that he creates is that they often don’t add significantly to the conversation.

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Christianity Under Attack In The UK…

Two press releases have been issued this week, which show the difficulty that young Christians have in living as Salt and Light in the UK. Read more »

Significant discovery which confirms the reliability of the Old Testament

One of the continuing controversies in scholarly circles is over the historical reliability of the Bible. Many archaeologists dismiss the Bible as being merely a product of human invention, with no reliability as a historical source, denying any idea of divine inspiration. Therefore it is exciting and encouraging to our faith as evangelical Christians when a significant discovery is made which confirms the truth of the Old Testament, as well as it being a powerful testimony to unbelievers that God’s Word can be trusted. Read more »

Lucky Day?

07/07/07 Today, July 7, 2007, is alleged to be an extraordinarily lucky day. Triple sevens. Perhaps the three sevens idea comes from the Casino experience or maybe is some sort of numerological tie to the importance the number seven holds in Scripture.

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