Christianity Under Attack In The UK…

Two press releases have been issued this week, which show the difficulty that young Christians have in living as Salt and Light in the UK.
There is Lydia Playfoot’s failure to secure equality with those of other faiths in the application of a school uniform policy; details can be found at
Then there is the news today, that the Chritian Union at Exeter University have had a ruling (found at from “Independent Adjudicator” Mark Shaw QC, stating that the Student Union at Exeter were within the law when they insisted the CU change their name to the “Evangelical” Christian Union and bizarrely, that Muslims should be able to head up the CU… They will appeal.

But what can we do in these situations, how can we help with such key battles?
Well in these cases we can raise awareness within our own Churches and pray, we can write and email to encourage the people on the front line, and we can make representations to MP’s, the New Prime Minister, and others as appropriate.

The aim of the Salt and Light Blog entry is to try to keep the MBC community abreast of key legal situations facing the Church in the UK, and occasionally beyond, and where possible to provide easy links to information and advice on how we can be “Salt and Light” in this world and at this time.

P.S. As I write, I have just received a press release noting “A gay man has won his case for unlawful discrimination after he was refused a youth official’s job by a Church of England bishop”. Further detail will follow.

  1. Many will have seen the array of publicity around the Gay Youth Leader case. Sadly almost all of the national media is neutral or sympathetic to the case won by Stonewall……..It is wake up time Christians in the UK! Please consider writing to Gordon Brown and your local MP (contact details can be found at about this issue, and encourage local churches to pray.

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