Lucky Day?

07/07/07 Today, July 7, 2007, is alleged to be an extraordinarily lucky day. Triple sevens. Perhaps the three sevens idea comes from the Casino experience or maybe is some sort of numerological tie to the importance the number seven holds in Scripture.

If the newsmedia is correct by its insinuation that many people chose to get married today because of the three seven phenomena then I think Christians and atheists have much to be worried about, albeit for different reasons. Atheists must be concerned because it demonstrates the level of superstition that remains in the society. For people to think that getting married on one day over another somehow increases their odds of continued marital bliss is as fanciful as the Santa Claus myth. Atheists, who control much of education today, have absolutely failed to rid humanity of the hated God-myth. Don’t worry about them though. Most of them have nice Government paychecks as our tax-dollars support quite a number of them. They won’t starve. Besides our continued belief in the supernatural, gives them something to live for. After all, in their view, when they die there is nothing left. So we should delight in giving their lives just a little meaning and purpose before they die and dissemble into the molecular cosmos.
Christians should be concerned that while, people recognize the existence of forces more powerful than themselves (which at least makes them open to God-talk), clearly those forces are identified in fundamentally pagan terms, namely as impersonal, and blind. [We are also grateful that people actually still respect marriage enough to want it to succeed].  We should be reminded that it isn’t atheism that is the real threat, it’s polytheism. People actually believe (in the way they live their lives) in multiple gods. The god they worship on Sunday, is just a Sunday god, not to be confused with the practical gods of Monday-Saturday. Superlative support try this blog is specifically over here.

The point of this essay is to poke some fun about the silly myths of so called “enlightened society” but also to remind Christians to observe the culture around them. Good observation can help us think of ways of finding points of contact about which to tell people of the Man who is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6).

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