Forty Years ~ from abortion to cloning

In October 1967 the Abortion Act received royal assent and abortion was legalised in this country. Since then 6.7 million abortions have taken place in this country, and 465 more are taking place every day.

Christians can find information about how to campaign against this issue at

40 years on and the Prime Minister is introducing a bill (The Human Tissue and Embryos Bill will be in the Queen’s Speech this November). which seeks to sanction the creation of animal-human embryos

for research. Mixing animal and human in this way ‘violates the species barrier’ and raises huge ethical questions for Christians. The Bill also seeks to legalise human reproductive cloning and repeals the 2001 Human Reproductive Cloning Act which put in place an absolute ban on this form of cloning.
Additionally it is worth noting that this Bill removes the obligation on IVF clinics to have regard for the need of any resulting child for a father. It also makes it illegal for children to have fathers if the would-be parents are a lesbian couple. Clause 51 (1) states ‘no man is to be treated as the father of the child.’

I know myself that finding time to campaign on all the issues that hit us is difficult, but here is an easy way of emailing a short polite letter to your MP and the PM: follow this link and you can send a message within seconds:

If you can’t find the words then feel free to adapt the above text, adding a sentence noting your concern about what is planned, and seeking action from your MP.

Another positive thing you can do is complete the BBC online poll on the subject at

  1. An update on the 40th Anniverary of Abortion Act.

    There is a rally and a service arranged for Saturday, 27th October at Westminster Chapel.

    I guess that most of us won’t get to the service, but we can continue to pray about, and lobby and campaign on, this issue.

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