Monthly Archives: October 2007

Do Human Beings Have Free Will?

The question as to whether humans exercise free-will concerns not only those of us with an interest in theology, but has long intrigued the greatest philosophers. More recently, with the development of quantum theory, this question has also begun to interest many scientists.  Of course, most ordinary people, who don’t move in the rarefied stratosphere of theology, philosophy and science would assume as a matter of fact that they do have free-will.  This does seem, on the face of it, to be a common-sense attitude; but a little thought soon reveals that it’s not that simple. Read more »

New ‘Homosexual Hatred’ Offence

As you will probably know from the media, the Government has proposed amending the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill to introduce an offence of inciting hatred on the grounds of sexuality. This Bill will affect the law in England and Wales. There is a serious risk that this would effect the freedom of Christians and others to openly express their views and beliefs about sexuality. Such a law is unnecessary, as homosexuals are already adequately protected from abuse by the criminal law, in the same way that we all benefit from such protection. However Stonewall have been lobbying hard on this.  Read more »