Monthly Archives: November 2007

Two Recent Interesting Archaeological Discoveries

I always find it interesting and encouraging when archaeological discoveries are made which confirm the truth of the Bible. Although our faith ultimately does not rest on such discoveries, they can be important as a testimony to the truth of the Scriptures. I read recently of two significant discoveries which have been made… Read more »

“Christian” TV?

It’s interesting to note the proliferation of Christian TV channels over the past few years. The last time I counted, there were at least twelve being broadcast on the Sky network. What saddens me about this explosion of suppposed Christian broadcasting though, is the vacuous nature of most of it. With odd exceptions, such as the phone-in programmes on the Revelation/Genesis channels, and the talks by such people as John MacArthur and R.C. Sproul and a few others, there isn’t a great deal of good television out there. And it’s a little sad to me as an evangelical, that the most consistently intelligent and thought provoking programming seems to come from the Roman Catholic EWTN. (This said. I must confess that whilst watching the occasional programme of theirs that I sometimes nearly choke on my supper at the suggestion that I should pray to Mary, St. Anthony or indeed anyone other than the Father through Jesus Christ!) Read more »

The Queen’s Speech.. ..defender of the faith

As expected the Queen’s Speech included the Human Tissue and Embryos Bill and the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill. If these Bills clear the commons during this session they will have a considerable effect on our society. It is noteworthy that the media have remained very quiet about them; if unchanged, they will further constrain Christians in living out and proclaiming Biblical truth, and will have a harmful effect on society as a whole.

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