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Brief Thoughts on the Holman Christian Standard Bible

The HCSB is next in my mini-series of Bible Translation Thoughts:

The Holman Christian Standard Bible deserves wider circulation. It ought to be among today’s best selling Bibles but it’s disappointing to find so few British Christians are aware of it. The American Christian Booksellers Association reports strong sales in the US but I doubt it has achieved anything close to that in the UK. Read more »

Wealth and Intelligence

One of the interesting things about American culture, and perhaps other cultures as well, is the belief that rich people are smart, or at least smarter than average. Given the recent earnings charges taken by several large U.S. investment firms/banks, one would hope that this myth would be happily and permanently dispelled. Regrettably, such is not the case.

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MidBible Students: Interact Now!

We’ve just launched several a new forum feature on the Midlands Bible College’s Virtual Campus, greatly adding to the college’s interactive distance learning programmes. Log in and have a look. In time, as the two new categories are exploited by students, various new forums will be added. For now, play around with the new forums and make yourself aware of their features. See this new feature as a valuable resource to interact with the Midlands Bible College community (both staff and fellow students) concerning a whole range of issues, including asking and discussing theological questions, posting information on resources, sharing news, socialising and forging friendships, asking fellow students about course-related issues, and so on. The software permits you to edit your profile, change how the forum looks on your screen, upload an image (avatar), set up messaging when new posts are added etc.

Brief Thoughts on the New English Translation

In my previous post I discussed the merits of the English Standard Version (ESV). This time, I want to comment on the New English Translation (NET) which is remarkable for a number of reasons. Firstly to avoid confusion, especially among British readers, be aware that the NET is an altogether different translation to the NEB (New English Bible). The latter was a translation of a few decades back that was particularly common in British Anglican parishes. It never achieved popularity outside the UK and its use today is on a downward trend. Read more »

Book review of Melanie Phillips’ “Londonistan”

In the last edition of the Evangelical Review of Society and Politics, Midlands Bible College and Divinity School tutor Chris Lazenby wrote a useful review of Daily Mail and Spectator coulmnist Melanie Phillips’ Londonistan. Anyone interested in the current British social and political milieu, especially in relation to Islam, religious expression, anti-Semitism and political correctness, should take a look at Chris’ excellent review, which concentrates specifically on the columnist’s take on the interaction between state and religion in Britain today. The article can be found on the Midlands Bible College and Divinity School’s theological resources page, which also includes various other theological articles.

Money and Policy

Last week, I talked about the rift in the Republican party between the social conservatives and the economic conservatives. The debate centers over the role of Government policy. Social conservatives are tired of the Government being used to empower immorality, including but not limited to, abortion, homosexual adoption, homosexual marriage, and the like. Economic conservatives down play the moral issues and say that government should try to minimize its footprint by lowering taxes and regulation. A key battle cry of these conservatives is “Government should stay out of the bedroom!”

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