Bible Translation Thoughts

The Midlands Bible College is blessed to have Andy Cheung recently join and begin working with us, both as a Biblical Studies tutor and a highly skilled coordinator of student resources. He is the person currently updating the college’s virtual campus with various new valuable resources, providing students with access to many excellent resources for their studies. Andy is also a scholar, having recently embarked on his third degree, a Ph. D. in the field of Bible translation at the University of Birmingham, England.

From now on, Andy will be contributiing various thoughts on the issue of Bible translations under a new category for this  theological blog, entitled Bible Translation Thoughts. Andy’s approach to his task of updating the college’s virtual campus has been highly pastoral, seeking to provide his students and readers with practical tips, theological analysis, and access to good, solid, thought-provoking resources aimed not only at encouraging debate, but also equipping students to be more effective in their ministry as they prepare to meet the challenges of serving God in the twenty-first century. Given his style and approach, his blog entries in the field of Bible translation promise to be exciting and relevant and we look forward to his contributions. We trust you will enjoy them also.

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