Embryo Bill

Christian Concern for our Nation have produced a short (1 min 30 second) video advertising a rally taking place next Tuesday 15th January to support amendments to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, which is being voted upon on that day.  

You can veiw it on either:

WMV (Windows Media Player on Windows):
MP4 AVC (For Quicktime on Mac) :

I’m posting this here because I know that whilst many of us can’t get to the rally, we can tell others who can, we can pray, and we can write to the Lords (http://www.writetothem.com/about-lords). 

It may look a tedious Bill, but it proposes a huge set of changes that Christians will have an opinion on, for background information see http://collegeblog.midbible.ac.uk/the-queen%e2%80%99s-speech-defender-of-the-faith/ .


  1. Quote from CCFN:
    Tuesday’s votes in the House of Lords

    “On Tuesday 15th January the House of Lords voted against on a ban on the creation of animal-human hybrids for research purposes. A proposed ban on embryo selection for saviour siblings was also lost. Further issues, including the child’s need for a father and abortion, are due to be debated and voted upon in the Lords on Monday 21st January. Then the amended Bill will have its 3rd Reading before being sent to the Commons for further debate.

    If the Bill is not amended in the Commons it will become law that embryonic stem cell researchers will be allowed to mix animal sperm with human eggs or human sperm with animal eggs, in order to create a hybrid embryo. This embryo can be experimented upon and then must be destroyed within 14 days. The UK is alone amongst Western democracies in allowing such research to take place. This legislation, which holds many other worrying provisions besides hybrids, is attacking the very core of who we are as a society, what we value as human beings, how we view the unique dignity of humanity and the lengths we are prepared to go to in perverting nature for our own selfish and often misguided desires.

    If the nation is still capable of being shocked, then this Bill if its contents were more widely known and understood would certainly do just that. It is the church’s responsibility to speak up for God’s intention for His creation, and in the absence of a wider understanding of the Bill it falls to the church to speak on behalf the nation, to act as lookouts in the watch tower warning of the approaching dangers. Please continue to pray and tell your friends about this Bill.”

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