MidBible Students: Interact Now!

We’ve just launched several a new forum feature on the Midlands Bible College’s Virtual Campus, greatly adding to the college’s interactive distance learning programmes. Log in and have a look. In time, as the two new categories are exploited by students, various new forums will be added. For now, play around with the new forums and make yourself aware of their features. See this new feature as a valuable resource to interact with the Midlands Bible College community (both staff and fellow students) concerning a whole range of issues, including asking and discussing theological questions, posting information on resources, sharing news, socialising and forging friendships, asking fellow students about course-related issues, and so on. The software permits you to edit your profile, change how the forum looks on your screen, upload an image (avatar), set up messaging when new posts are added etc.

  1. I would like to encourage students to make good use of the new Virtual Campus Forum. I hope it will become a great resource for everyone to meet and discuss social and academic issues. There are separate forums for academic discussion, general chat and theological discussion.

    Also, please make good use of the other resources on the Virtual Campus. This has been greatly enhanced in recent months and I am constantly looking for new material to be added.

    To login, you will need a virtual campus account and if you’ve forgotten your username and password, please contact the college office.

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