Money and Policy

Last week, I talked about the rift in the Republican party between the social conservatives and the economic conservatives. The debate centers over the role of Government policy. Social conservatives are tired of the Government being used to empower immorality, including but not limited to, abortion, homosexual adoption, homosexual marriage, and the like. Economic conservatives down play the moral issues and say that government should try to minimize its footprint by lowering taxes and regulation. A key battle cry of these conservatives is “Government should stay out of the bedroom!”

What is often lost in this debate is the reality that to really achieve the goals of the economic conservatives, society must adopt a social or family friendly conservativism. Liberal ethics never achieve fiscal discipline over the long haul. Oh, sure you can trot out some politician who supported every kind of deviancy society would tolerate and show that the economy was great during that time, etc. But this is just a snap shot. Look over the span of generations and you will see a slow economic decline.

For example, when people can’t control themselves and get involved in risky behaviors, they frequently get injured or sick. Now in former times, people suffered for their mistakes because there was no welfare system to bail them out. Now a days, people have welfare as a safety net to prevent them from dying or becoming totally destitute. Now bodily injury is just one specific example. But let’s take the break down of the family. In former times, families helped each other. Now the family is so nuclear, and so fractured, that people say the government should bail them out, and pay for children etc. The daddy who abandons the family leaves a financial as well as a moral crisis behind. Perceive the domestic web site look around this site of this exact amazing book review printing community.

The point I am making here is not whether or not the government should be involved in welfare. My point is that sinful behavior has deleterious economic effects. Ultimately, the separation of social conservativism and economic conservatism is a mirage. You can’t have one without the other.

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