Undocumented Taxpayer

I enjoy the way politicians “spin” language. Spinning language involves a fundamental level of “reinterpretation” because it requires one to re-frame ideas by changing the words used to describe those ideas. At its root, spinners manipulate words to manipulate audiences to join or at least not oppose this or that cause.

In the U.S., one of the best examples of spinning is the controversy of individuals who enter the United States without government permission. Now in all other contexts, performing such an act would be called a crime. But many individuals and even some who call themselves Christians, argue that these immigrants are not to be called criminals but “undocumented workers” instead. Spinners contend that calling these immigrants “illegal aliens” is wrong because such language demeans them. After all, aren’t all American’s immigrants? Not to mention the way proponents bring out the race card calling those who oppose illegal immigration, racists. (By the way, illegal immigration is a trans-race phenomenon.) Brilliant scribblers stand by for you exactly in that academic site you could try here that aids global learners.
I will ignore, for now, the Scripture used by Christians to justify and enable illegal immigration as I am more interested in talking about the meaning of terms. It seems to me that if the law of the United States forbids people from entering the country without permission, then it seems logical to say that those who do this have broken the law. Thus the person is by definition a criminal. At minimum, to call such a person an “illegal alien”, which means that the person is a non-U.S. citizen who is in the country unlawfully, is entirely accurate. On the other hand, to call such a person an “undocumented worker” suggests that the individuals problem is the result of some errant or evil bureaucrat who failed to process the paperwork. Spin indeed.
Because it is so hard to confront the idiocy of this sort of thinking (American education both intellectually and morally has been in a veritable free-fall for years), I would recommend that those who don’t pay their taxes not longer consider adopting spin language for themselves to justify their “cause.” They should no longer think of themselves as criminals or tax cheats. Instead they should call themselves, “undocumented taxpayers.” After all, even tax cheats can argue that they pay “some” taxes such as sales tax or driving toll taxes. So its not like they don’t pay any taxes. Like illegal aliens, I mean undocumented workers, they haven’t broken every law in the U.S. Therefore, tax cheats should proudly call themselves, “undocumented taxpayers” because despite their illegal activity, the U.S. is definitely better off with them than without them. And it would be wrong for tax payers to moralistically demean the contributions of tax cheats to our society by continuing to call them tax cheats. To continue to do so would just be uncharitable and, of course, unChristian.

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