Wealth and Intelligence

One of the interesting things about American culture, and perhaps other cultures as well, is the belief that rich people are smart, or at least smarter than average. Given the recent earnings charges taken by several large U.S. investment firms/banks, one would hope that this myth would be happily and permanently dispelled. Regrettably, such is not the case.

The leaders of these august firms, Merrill Lynch, Citbank, to name a few, were able to use their intelligence to make sure that these two companies achieved a combined loss of almost 20 billion dollars. Granted the U.S. dollar is not worth what it used to be worth, but a billion dollars here and a billion dollars there and pretty soon you are talking about real money. In fact, a lot of real money.

So what can the average low wage person learn from all this? First, rich people are just like you but the difference is they frequently get paid more than what they are worth. So the goal is to try to be someone who gets paid more than what you are worth!! Second, when rich people make huge financial mistakes with other people’s money, they get a platinum parachute. More frankly, they get paid lots of money to go away. I presume the exorbitant severance payments are necessary so that these rich people can get psychological counseling to help them grieve over their losing their jobs. So the second principle for working people is to find a job that pays you big especially when you mess up. The reason is that way you can have lots of money to lick your wounded ego and so that you can keep your big house so that you don’t have look at the financial harm you caused others.

Regrettably, the average working person will never have the opportunity to “fail” like these rich CEO’s did. I just know I wish I had a job that paid so well that when I failed, I got paid millions of dollars to go away and reflect on my sad life. Grow into powerful and fruitful human being along with the assistance of great source professional.

Since that won’t happen, may I humbly suggest that people always vote against the officers of the corporate boards when stockholders get their proxy forms. I know I do. Why? Because I am not on the ballot. The way I see it. I am smart enough to lose company money just as much as they are. So why shouldn’t I be given a chance. In fact, I will be a board member at less cost. So in fact, the shareholder will probably come out ahead by having me on the board because I will lose them less money.

Stephen Vantassel, 2007


  1. Hi Stephen,
    Great combination of truth and humour…

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