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Abortion – a matter of life and death

Whatever our view on abortion, and for the record I believe it is “the shedding of innocent blood”; we have an opportunity to raise the issue with the government.
David Cameron has broadcast that he would vote for reducing the upper time limit for abortion if the matter is raised in the upcoming debate on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. Read more »

Interview with Dr Edwin Blum on the HCSB Translation

Following my recent review of the Holman Christian Standard Bible, we now have an interview with the General Editor, Dr Edwin Blum who kindly agreed to answer some questions on the translation. It is now posted on the College website. You will find it here.

A Worldwide Influence?

I’m sure our recently intrepid “Englishman in Israel” will have something to say on this subject….

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards leader has predicted the imminent destruction of Israel by fighters from the Lebanese movement Hezbollah.


…but I just wanted to raise the question, are we politically equipped enough to deal with these kind of statements?

In respect of Israel, Calvin’s recent and ongoing work is a real blessing, and the DocBlog entries ensure we are well prompted on the UK political scene, but as citizens of the world, can we be effective as salt and light in discussions about international affairs with friends, family and neighbours?

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Our Spiritual Leader?

Now the dust is beginning to settle after Rowan Williams’ comments regarding Sharia law, I feel prompted to make an entry on the topic. Not the topic of Sharia law, but the topic of Rowan Williams. In the past few days I’ve grown heartily sick and tired of hearing the same three things being repeated about Dr. Williams from every quarter. Read more »

Brief Thoughts on the TNIV

This continues my series of Bible translations reviews. Today’s New International Version was published in full in 2005, the first major update to the well-established NIV. It is perhaps best known for being at the centre of an ongoing dispute about gender language. This is perhaps unfortunate because it means that much of the discussion on the TNIV is concerned with debate over this one issue. Since I don’t hold particularly strong views on the matter, and because I want to talk about other aspects of this translation, I shall ignore it but not without recommending a book which I think offers a very balanced and helpful view on the subject: The Inclusive Language Debate by D. A. Carson. Read more »

Adventures in the Christian Bookshop

I was in Leeds today on one of my occasional trips into the city centre. As usual, I just had to have a quick look in the Christian bookshop. Whilst browsing I was struck (and not for the first time) as to how the larger Christian bookshops are beginning to appear more and more like any other bookshop. The musak playing away (one couldn’t say ‘in the background’ as its volume demands attention) sounds identical to that playing in Borders or any other bookshop. The popular books and best sellers look the same as those in Borders too, with fancy artwork covers and titles such as Ten Ways to Improve Your Life…. How to Find Your Destiny and other ‘self-help’ type titles; books which largely seem to tell us how we can feel comfortable with ourselves and find wealth, health and happiness. Read more »