A Worldwide Influence?

I’m sure our recently intrepid “Englishman in Israel” will have something to say on this subject….

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards leader has predicted the imminent destruction of Israel by fighters from the Lebanese movement Hezbollah.

see: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/7250894.stm

…but I just wanted to raise the question, are we politically equipped enough to deal with these kind of statements?

In respect of Israel, Calvin’s recent and ongoing work is a real blessing, and the DocBlog entries ensure we are well prompted on the UK political scene, but as citizens of the world, can we be effective as salt and light in discussions about international affairs with friends, family and neighbours?

Under the heading “Salt & Light” I have only focussed on those things which are predominantly British issues, and I endeavour to provide easy routes to contact MPs, or discover more about a given situation (and hopefully without too much unnecessary comment!). But being aware that many staff and students @ MBC live in other parts of the world, I wonder whether we could help each other out here a bit when it comes to more global issues? 

For example, if something is posted about say, The UK Embryology Bill, giving an update and suggesting action, please could those of you outside the UK let us know what is going on on this subject where you are? 

What do you think, is this worthwhile?

  1. Concerning Imad Mughniyeh, Israel may not have assassinated him after all. It could have been a result of Hezbollah infighting or Syria could have been behind it. Let’s hope so, as such divisions will only serve to divide this bitter enemy of Israel. For its part, Iran is a menace, and not just to the region. Just as in the Cold War most countries sided with either the East or West, so today Iran is eulogised by those countries, organisations and individuals who despise Israel, America, democracy, free markets etc. I’ve said many times how the left and Islamism (represented by Iran) are the strangest of bedfellows. How can the secularist, pro-women, anti-capital punishment left side with a theocratic, authoritarian, Islamic regime like that in Iran today, which stones women and executes very many people? For one reason only: today’s Iran stands against everything the left hates and despises. For this reason, the people within the so-called intellectual should go live in Iran and see what it is like. But of course, they prefer to side with Iran and denounce their own countries, societies and values from here, precisely because our societies allow them to do so. Ironic, really, isn’t it?

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