Sharia – Controversial Stuff Eh?

So the Archbishop has opened up a can of worms here then! 

If by any chance you’ve missed the media coverage, check out the press release from Lambeth Palace

Though I have clear opinions on what he has said, my point in posting this is not to share them (might get around to it on the virtual campus though…), no the question I want to pose is this: 

Do we as Christian people have an understanding of sharia, what it is, how it works, where it comes from? How much do we understand Islam etc. etc. 

Rather than me uploading weblinks and resources for research I want to challenge us all to take this issue seriously, I would ask that folks might post some good, sound weblinks from respected and reasonable sources, and enter into debates with Christians online and in our own fellowships. 

We are called to be salt and light in this world. We must neither overreact nor ignore this important issue, let’s get involved in the debate from a position of faith and knowledge!

One weblink to get us going




    there is an interview here about global sharia law,
    i havent personally read it, its been on my ‘must read’ links for a few weeks but i know frontpagemag are a reliable source..
    did anyone see douglas murray debating this muslim imam on newsnight tonight (friday)? he was brilliant

  2. I think the issue of whether Sharia law is one of the issues that has come out of this lecture by the Archbishop. For me the main issue is that he is wanting to adapted all religious law to British law based on common values- this is a) Eccumenical/interfaith and b) antichrist.

    In the book of Revelation we have a unified political system bound by a unified common law, a unified ecconomic system and a one unified religious system. Over the last century we have seen a push for a unified economic system with the Euro, fairtrade and even with Sharia law applied to the way we do banking in the UK. Over the last century we have had a push towards a unified religion as many of you know and probably come up against on a daily basis. This lecture seemed to be a push towards a common law based on values of all cultures and religions that if works well in Great Brittain then could be adapted for the world. I think this is the main issue for me.

    I agree with Calvin that Christians don’t know enough of Sharia law to be able to give a good polemic argument. I have been trying to find more. All I know is the results of it in places like Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Islamic countries where Christians are slaughtered. But this seems to be a subject that has been around for a long time now and some even think Sharia law in Brittain is inevitable.

    It would also be good to look at both Sharia and Torah and compare and contrast the two. Both are claimed to be God’s Law.

    I also watched newsnight and thought Douglas Murray was excellent. Another issue arrising is word ‘Islamaphobia’. It seems to becoming a prejudice on par with anti-semitism, which i think is rediculous. As Mr Murray pointed out that there is much to fear from Islam, the Koran and Sharia law based on fact. Anti-semitism is based on racism and a satanic influence based on Revelation 12.

    Also one final issue arrising from last nights debate is definition. This isn’t just an issue of the debate last night but our society in general. What defines a Muslim? What defines a Christian? What defines British? What defines Sharia law?

    I look forward to seeing more links on this subject because I think it will be around for a while and I look forward to Calvin’s article on his views.

  3. douglas murray was debating tariq ramadan, a visiting fellow at oxford uni – after doing some reading up on him it appears hes the grandson of hassan al-bana the founder of the muslim brotherhood (of which i think hamas are the palestinian branch) and has been banned from entering america and france for suspected terrorist activities/support! france the most liberal and secular country in the world wont even let him into the country yet hes currently holding down a job here at oxford university, our most prestigious educational institution, teaching some left wing studies course – what the heck is going on?

  4. I went to an interesting meeting with Patrick Sookhdeo last night. He had definite views on the matter but I had to leave before the question time began. There was also a book for sale, Global Jihad, but I have only just began reading it. Daniel Scot was also present at that meeting but was commenting after I had left.

    Patrick compared the God of Christianity with the Islamic equivalent and came to a certain conclusion. “Surprisingly” enough, the Evangelical community has been “willing” to discuss theology with their Muslim counterparts whereas the Catholic community hasn’t gone that way. It appears that some Evangelicals are jumping on any kind of bandwagon to show their willingness to create a world of compassion and of tolerance. I will have to listen to the tape, once I get it, to go further on those points, but from the little I have heard and learnt from meetings and lectures on Islam and Sharia, I get the distinct impression that if/when it is introduced, even partly in to a Western society, that society will certainly change.

    The primary way for the Islamic religion to get a foothold into Western society appears to be the way of the law (and population) and it is succeeding rather well, although many setbacks occur as in the case of the two Daniel’s here in Australia.

    I don’t know how respected these links are but for a novice like me you will have to be lenient. Lastly, if sharia law is so good and proper, and can be compatible with Western society’s, how come it has two standards ? I believe that most of us in the West have not an inkling of what this law entails, nor what Islam is, rather, we are an ultratolerant bunch hoping to please all. Even if we have, we are not interested until it is too late.

  5. I know he is a politician (or a prospective one), but this is an interesting article, well worth a read. He is well qualified to speak on the issue:

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