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Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill – Hitting the headlines? Hitting the mark?

I don’t want to repeat the information posted @, but with all the recent political posturing, lobbying by secularists and brave statements made by some Christian leaders, it seems to be the time to push a little harder and get our churches praying and lobbying on this issue.

The Passion

I’ve just watched most of the last episode of The Passion (BBC1 7:30pm, Sunday 23rd March). I say ‘most of’ as I switched channels about five minutes before the end.  This was the result of my previous attempts to watch a couple of earlier episodes too. I’m not quite sure why; it wasn’t simply due to the glaring inaccuracies. And for some reason, when I watch any films or plays about the life of Christ, I usually feel the same. Something deep down inside me starts to squirm.  Why should I find such plays/films actually undermining the reality which I know by faith? Why should it be that that which I feel quite comfortable with in my mind suddenly looks extremely implausible when an attempt is made to concretise it. Read more »

Brief Thoughts on the New Living Translation

The NLT was first published in 1996 but this review concentrates on the second edition that arrived in 2004, occasionally referred to as NLT2 or NLTse. The NLT was a major revision of the popular Living Bible but different enough that comparisons between the two are probably unhelpful. Accordingly, it’s best not to think of the NLT as an update to the Living Bible but a new translation in its own right. Read more »

alive & kicking?

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, now in the House of Commons, provides the first opportunity for 18 years for changing the law on abortion and there is a new campaign underway to call for abortion reform, the details of which are below, and I would urge all Christians to sign the petition and lobby MP’s…. 

But… Read more »

Another help for students and scholars

It has been a while since I blogged. As some of you know I have been finishing my dissertation. Finally done. Really done. I can call myself Doctor now!!

Anyway, I just learned of a new program that integrates with Firefox web browser. It is called Zotero. You can download this free plug-in at

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Interview with Hall Harris III, project director, New English Translation

This week, I interviewed Dr Hall Harris III, the Project Director of the NET (New English Translation), an excellent recent production of the Bible. The entire interview is reproduced here. This article follows a recent review of the NET Bible on this blog, and an interview with Dr Ed Blum, editor of the Holman Christian Standard Bible. Read the interview with Dr Hall Harris III