alive & kicking?

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, now in the House of Commons, provides the first opportunity for 18 years for changing the law on abortion and there is a new campaign underway to call for abortion reform, the details of which are below, and I would urge all Christians to sign the petition and lobby MP’s…. 

But…I wonder, how often does this issue get prayed about in our churches, and how often do we discuss it? You see for Christians this is a difficult issue, after all there are likely to be people within our churches who have been affected by this issue, so perhaps we steer away from it? We mustn’t, we must pray and lobby against it and show God’s love to those who have been affected in whatever way. 

So please do sign the petition and write to MPs, and take the opportunity to ask our God to guide us on how we might effectively and sensitively teach on this difficult and sad subject. 

  1. An online data base of MPs past voting record and current voting intentions on abortion: 
  2. A petition calling for reform of the abortion law aimed at gaining 100,000 signatures: 
  3. An online information pack for people to use in lobbying MPs: If you have not signed the Petition please take a moment to do so and pass a link to others. The organisers are aiming for over 10,000 signatures by the end of the week and 100,000 signatures in total as soon as possible.


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