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Vertical Information?

Intellectuals and social thinkers are bemoaning the rise of vertical information. Vertical information (my term) means the contemporary ability of people to consult sources of knowledge and perspective that agree with what they already believe. Blogs, like this one, websites, specialized magazines, and other media have become so numerous that people can become intellectually isolated from views that differ from their own.

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Candidates and Pastoral Endorsements

Over the past several weeks, Obama and McCain have discovered the problems inherent with pastoral endorsements. Of course, the media desperately want to draw parallels between McCain’s difficulties and Obama’s. I will ignore whether or not the parallels are real or imagined as my interest lies in the whole notion of endorsements in the first place.

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Heaven Help Us All – II

If you want to check out how your MP voted try

A good opportunity to encourage them or register your concern…

Dispatches: Channel 4 and the Art of Biased Documentary

I wonder how many of you watched last night’s Channel 4 programme Dispatches: In God’s Name (Monday, 19th May, 8pm)? So shocking were the Christian views to be broadcast, that the programme (along with segments after each commercial break) was prefaced with a warning that ‘This programme contains extreme views which some viewers may find offensive.’ Actually, I did find some of the views rather offensive, though some were just silly. Some, I disagreed with, but even some of the views I agreed with were put in such a negative, confrontational and ‘unloving’ way that I felt like dissociating myself from them! Read more »

Brief Thoughts on the International Standard Version

This short review of the ISV continues my series of brief thoughts on Bible translations. The ISV is a recent and little known translation that deserves praise for its vivid, imaginative passages rooted in excellent scholarship. Since the Old Testament portion is not yet complete, these comments are restricted to the New Testament only.

On the scale of free to literal, the ISV occupies a position somewhere close to the NIV although it would appear that certain books, such as Romans, are more literal than, say, Acts. I take no issue with this, and it is something that the translators of the HCSB attempt also with their “optimal equivalence” approach whereby some passages are distinctly more literal than others.

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Neither are we the only ones fighting….

Please read Calvin’s post below,

He is quite right, we are not the only ones fighting – there is a strong abortion lobby, but also we must not lose sight of all the other ‘stuff’ that is in this Bill, please keep lobbying, keep praying and keep aware that there is a strong Atheist lobby at work in the UK.

For more information on the Human Embryology Bill please see  The Queen’s Speech.. ..defender of the faith or Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

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