Heaven Help Us All – II

If you want to check out how your MP voted try http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7411966.stm.

A good opportunity to encourage them or register your concern…

  1. It has been a very sad weak for British politics and I think there are many people of Christian faith, other faith and no faith who are grieving this abomination of legislation. Nevertheless we must recognise that legalising abortion does not compel anyone to have an abortion – I think we must continue our prayers and our ministry with women who have “crisis pregnancies” including direct action to help save as many children as possible. I also feel strongly that we as a Church have a role to play in providing post-abortion counselling for those women who are suffering the side-effects of abortion(s) – it seems very sad to me that they are not adequately warned of the serious psychological, emotional and spiritual trauma that they risk exposing themselves to.

    I will be writing to my MP expressing my disgust at his vote and advising him that I will never again support him or his culture of death policies. He (and all our MPs) are greatly mistaken if they think that this issue will disappear quietly – the questions will remain and they will be asked time and time again. And finally, I would join with Christ on the cross in praying for our government – “forgive them Father; they no not what they do.”

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