Nadine Dorries’ Valiant Campaign (Part 2)


As you will know this is an issue I have been urging us to pray about, campaign about and encourage our churches to take to heart. I am really grateful to Calvin for giving this a fresh impetus on the blog. 

Calvin has covered a good deal about what we should be doing to lobby and support in this area, but I have listed a little more information below, please do take time to look through the information, and take every possible action, I agree with Calvin, we really do have “an opportunity to have some considerable impact here.” I would particularly echo his appeal to get the word out to all of your congregations. 


Useful Links: 

The Alive And Kicking Campaign: 

  • Alive and Kicking Press Release on MPs’ votes on Abortion: 

  • MPs’ Database: 

  • Sign the Petition: 

  • Download the Petition:


As noted in Calvin’s piece: 

On Tuesday, 6th May, Nadine Dorries MP launched the 20 weeks to lower the abortion limit campaign, her official campaign site is


Nadine highlights some of the 20 reasons for the limit to be reduced to 20 weeks: 


  • Public, parliamentary and medical opinion is changing on late abortion. 63 per cent of MPs, two thirds of GPs, nearly two thirds of the public and more than three-quarters of women support a reduction in the 24-week upper age limit. 


  • High profile cases of babies surviving well below 24 weeks like Manchester’s Millie McDonagh, born at 22 weeks, and the world’s most premature baby, Amillia Taylor, who was born a week younger, both in October 2006. 



A video on our CCFONtv website shows the launch event, outside Parliament on 6th May:


The aim of the 20 weeks campaign is to reduce the upper time limit on abortion from 24 weeks to 20 weeks. We are praying for a greater reduction in the upper time limits, and other MPs will be tabling amendments seeking this. Nadine’s campaign has attracted huge publicity and public support and is a significant step in the right direction. If it is successful it will save 2,500 babies a year. 

You can register your support at 

You can send an e-postcard to your MP: 

Also it is possible to order postcards for your friends, neighbours and church to send to their MPs:

Christian Concern For The Nation have provided links to some useful Media Coverage on Reducing the Abortion Time Limit 

  • Daily Mail, 6th May 2008: How could anyone look at this photo and deny it’s time to cut the abortion limit? 




TV and Radio Coverage (Scroll down to see the playlist to pick a clip to view or watch) 


  1. Excellent stuff! Thanks, Keith, for your untiring work in this area, as well as all the information above. It is this constant work in the background which makes the appeals for action possible. We at MBCDS certainly appreciate all the lengthy research and notices you post on these moral issues. Thanks again.

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