Neither are we the only ones fighting….

Please read Calvin’s post below,

He is quite right, we are not the only ones fighting – there is a strong abortion lobby, but also we must not lose sight of all the other ‘stuff’ that is in this Bill, please keep lobbying, keep praying and keep aware that there is a strong Atheist lobby at work in the UK.

For more information on the Human Embryology Bill please see  The Queen’s Speech.. ..defender of the faith or Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill.

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  1. Is anyone else writing their MPs? Send us your letters together with MPs’ responses.

  2. Letter recieved from James Paice, MP for East Cambridgeshire:

    Dear Mr Waters,

    Thank you for your email with regard to the Human Embryology Bill.

    The Bill has now passed its Second Reading and now moves to intensive scrutiny of individual clauses where the various issues which have provoked controversy will be considered. This will begin on Monday 19 May.

    At the present time, there appear to me to be two major issues in the Bill and one which may be added to it. The first is the issue of using human DNA to insert into the shell of an animal egg for research purposes. As with all embryo research, it must happen within the first 14 days at which point it is destroyed and it would be illegal to implant that embryo into either an animal or a human. I am inclined to support this proposal because whilst obviously the idea of some sort of cross-bred is abhorrent, that is in fact not what is being proposed and I am extremely concerned about the large number of very serious diseases for which this research might provide a cure.

    The second aspect of the Bill is the proposition that IVF clinics will not need to consider the relevance of a father. I shall oppose this proposal because I do believe that the child should have a father albeit recognising that that is not always the case.

    The final issue relates to abortion. At the moment there is nothing in the Bill with regard to the maximum time limit for abortion but it is widely believed that there will be an amendment tabled which would use the Bill as a means of having a vote to reduce the maximum foetal age for termination. If this does happen I shall support a reduction in the foetal age probably to 20 weeks.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Yours sincerely,

    James Paice, MP

  3. Do keep praying for Nadine Dorries, and bring this before your congregations again this weekend.

    I notice on Nadine’s Blog that she is getting some nasty treatment –

  4. I can sense Nadine Dorries’ frustration from her blog and I think it’s quite understandable as her fellow MPs clearly haven’t even bothered to read the contents of her proposed ammendment, i.e. that it covers only healthy babies (“social terminations”) and not disabled/handicapped.

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