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Nadine Dorries’ Valiant Campaign (Part 2)


As you will know this is an issue I have been urging us to pray about, campaign about and encourage our churches to take to heart. I am really grateful to Calvin for giving this a fresh impetus on the blog. 

Calvin has covered a good deal about what we should be doing to lobby and support in this area, but I have listed a little more information below, please do take time to look through the information, and take every possible action, I agree with Calvin, we really do have “an opportunity to have some considerable impact here.” I would particularly echo his appeal to get the word out to all of your congregations. 

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Interview with Prof. Darrell Bock

Our latest Talks With Scholars interview is with Darrell Bock, New Testament scholar, researcher and author based at Dallas Theological Seminary. Prof. Bock answered questions about progressive dispensationalism, the DaVinci Code, the emerging church, and his writing and research projects.

Talks With Scholars

Interview with William Kay – William Kay is Reader and Director of the Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies at Bangor University, Wales. He has researched and written widely on the subject of Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies, a burgeoning field within theological departments which, by virtue of the movement’s widespread growth over the past quarter-of-a-century, is widely studied by observers and insiders alike. In April MBCDS’s Calvin Smith spoke with Dr Kay concerning his research and latest book exploring the Restorationist movement in the UK.

Interview with Daniel Wallace
– Dr Daniel B. Wallace is professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. In this interview with MBCDS tutor Andy Cheung he talks about recent exciting finds in Albania relevant to textual criticism as well various issues relating to dispensationalism and Israel.