Monthly Archives: June 2008

What are the Limits to conscience?

According to a story by WorldNetDaily, a New Mexico photography business was fined for refusing to take photographs at a homosexual “commitment ceremony.” The photographers declined because their religious beliefs were at odds with the message of the ceremony. A discrimination complaint was filed against them and, surprise, they lost. I don’t know if the photographers were Christians or not. I am interested in a different issue, namely, should a Christian photographer work at a non-heterosexual “commitment ceremony?”

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One of the slogans used by the pan-sexuality forces is “love makes a family.” It is a quaint and catchy slogan that successfully distorts the meaning of both love and family (which makes the slogan all the more powerful). What I find interesting is that the pan-sexuality crowd has not been fighting for the rights of polygamists. I find this strange and would like to know why.

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Killing at the begining and end of life… …and anything goes in between

The Pro abortionists are on the move — Prayer and Action

Anglican Ministers and ‘Gay Marriage’

Euthanasia – Stay Alert


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Pets and Stewardship

As a pastor’s kid, I came to learn about many of the strange problems parishioners found themselves in. Money is a constant issue, or should I say lack of money.  What is interesting is how people in financial hardship often are unable to make the necessary changes in their lifestyle to get out of a money crunch.

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Talks with Scholars: Dr Walter Kaiser

The latest in our interview series is with the highly respected evangelical scholar, Dr Walter C. Kaiser Jr who reflects on some of his latest work as well as answering some interesting questions pertaining to biblical hermeneutics and exegesis. The interview is available here.

Obama’s Win Not Historic Enough

Now that Obama has won the Democratic nomination, the media is falling all over itself to give homage. Yes, it is a truly historic event, after all he is the first African-American nominated by a major party for president of the United States. Unfortunately, the nomination isn’t historic enough.

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