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The Pro abortionists are on the move — Prayer and Action

Anglican Ministers and ‘Gay Marriage’

Euthanasia – Stay Alert


Euthanasia – Stay Alert

A multiple sclerosis sufferer, Debbie Purdy, has was granted permission to launch a High Court challenge to the Director of Public Prosecutions’ stance of ‘no policy’  on assisted suicide.

Mrs. Purdy wants to decide when she dies and plans to travel to Belgium or Switzerland so that she can commit assisted suicide legally. If her husband travels with her, he risks being convicted of aiding and abetting suicide. Therfeore, to avoid this she has asked the court to review the Director of Public Prosecution’s lack of a prosecution policy on assisted suicide.

The Voluntary Euthanasia Society (now calling themselves ‘Dignity in Dying’) wants to put pressure on the law-makers to review the law on euthanasia, and raise this as a matter of compassion in the minds of the public.

As Christian Concern For The Nation remind us this “runs contrary to the sound policy that the most vulnerable in society need to be protected from undue influence.
True dignity in dying is caring for people with compassion until their last breath.”

Check out the Care Not Killing website for details:


The Pro abortionists are on the move — Prayer and Action

 Evan Harris MP has tabled two amendments for Report Stage of the HFE Bill on Friday, 13th June:

  1.  An amendment to allow abortion with one doctor’s signature only and to allow abortions up to 24 weeks on request (i.e. without any need to claim that continuing the pregnancy would endanger the physical or mental health of the mother).
  2. An amendment allowing nurse and midwife-led abortion.

The result of the first amendment is that abortion would be allowed on demand up to 24 weeks’ gestation with one doctor’s signature only, which combined with the second amendment could include nurse-led medical abortions in polyclinics with completion at home—the worst case scenario.

The Lawyers Christian Fellowship believe that “where a piece of legislation is frequently honoured in the breach, as here, the best solution is not to do away with it, but to consider enforcing its original intentions.
The need for only a single doctor’s signature will remove an important safeguard for all abortions. Concern has already been expressed in relation to disability abortions which can be performed up to birth for seriously handicapped foetuses. Two doctors have allowed abortions for conditions such as club foot and cleft palate. These types of errors of judgment will be even more likely to occur if only one doctor’s opinion formed in good faith is required.”

In respect of the second proposed amendment, The Lawyers Christian Fellowship have said “in our opinion nurse-led abortion is unsafe for patients, as nurses are not necessarily knowledgeable about all potential side-effects of abortificent drugs, nor do they have enough knowledge to assess the risks to a woman’s mental health. Insufficient consideration has been given to the trauma a woman must undergo in such an abortion, which may be ‘completed at home’. She may be alone when suffering immense pain, prolonged and sometimes profuse bleeding and the disposal of a dead foetus—all unsupported by medical staff. She may subsequently have flashbacks that remind her of the abortion in her home. She may be extremely concerned about the side-effects of the drugs and wonder if they are normal, all with no-one there to reassure her. Or worse still, having been told that she will undergo pain and bleeding, she then believes that the serious complications she experiences are part of the process and so fails to report them in time to her GP. In such cases, even medical staff can underestimate the seriousness of a woman’s complications, as in the case of Manon Jones (, who recently died after a medical abortion that went wrong.

The text of the amendments can be found at:

Please continue to pray and contact your MP with your views:


Anglican Ministers and ‘Gay Marriage’

Martin Dudley, Rector of St. Bartholomew the Great in London, performed a ‘wedding’ on 31st May between two Anglican ministers. The service was named a ‘blessing’ of the ministers’ civil partnership, but used liturgy based on the wedding service in the Book of Common Prayer. The two men exchanged vows and rings. They then took communion. The service included hymns and readings and was in defiance of the Church of England’s strict guidance on same-sex ceremonies.

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