One of the slogans used by the pan-sexuality forces is “love makes a family.” It is a quaint and catchy slogan that successfully distorts the meaning of both love and family (which makes the slogan all the more powerful). What I find interesting is that the pan-sexuality crowd has not been fighting for the rights of polygamists. I find this strange and would like to know why.

After all, why isn’t the Gay, Lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered (GLBT) alliance working for polygamists and polyandrists (sic)? In the U.S., we are whole communities based on polygamy. Typically these communities are spinoffs of Mormonism, which started as a religion that supported polygamy. Nevertheless, if love makes a family, why don’t the GLBT fight for polygamist rights?

Is it because they don’t believe in plural marriage? or is it that they don’t want to support a practice by a religion that won’t return the support for GLBT activities? Doubtlessly effective ghostwriting site see the blog to utilize dissertation.

I would be interested in your thoughts on this, because I find it very strange.

Stephen Vantassel, 2008

  1. Hello Stephen, Sorry, I can’t help. I even had to look up pan-sexuality. I wonder if this is worth bothering about at all. I can speculate!

    Legal recognition in western societies generally goes only to (serial) monogamy, but people who want to will practice other sexual/marital arrangements.

    The abuses that seem to go along wiith polygamy are objectionable, and perhaps this is why most people of any orientation don’t support it. Abuse of women, children, and the state are said to be commonplace in these communities.


  2. Peter,

    I am shocked that you would suggest the stereotype that polygamists are involved in abusive relationships. Consult these sources on domestic violence in non-heterosexual relationships, http://www.mincava.umn.edu/documents/bibs/samesex/samesex.html. Couldn’t it be that the lack of support for polygamy and polyandry rests on the bigotry of the monogamous (serial or true) majority?

  3. I get the impression that the GLBT alliance are not interested because they are simply focussed on their own battle for the whole world to accept their sexual practice as normal.
    Maybe the linkage of polygamy with organised religions is putting them off, but maybe it is that they as a group are really only interested in themselves and what they want?

  4. Hello Stephen, I hope I’m not suggesting a stereotype.

    From America there are news reports of the leader of a polygamous group being convicted and imprisoned for crimes against members of his community.

    In Canada, polygamous leaders are reported to drive young men out of their communities so that they themselves can marry the young women. Young men that stay are said to be forced to work for very low wages. If they leave, they are prevented from returning.

    Young women as young as 13 are transported from one community to another and coerced into marriage with men much older that themselves. Although they practice what is called ‘marriage’, it is an abuse because when a man takes on a second or third wife, he often divorces his current wife to avoid being charged with bigamy.

    The parents and children of these unions are entitled to whatever benefits province and state provide. As a result, there are situations where numerous progeny of some men from multiple wives are consuming benefits until they reach an age of responsibility.

    The practices I have outlined are only a few of those reported in reliable news publications. I would concede that the media are not always accurate and that courts sometimes convict innocent people.


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