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Online Journals Facility

We are pleased to announce a new online journals facility for registered MBCDS students. Over 20 theological journals are now available via the Virtual Campus including materials from Bibliotheca Sacra, the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, and the Westminster Theological Journal. This facility is free for all students who are encouraged to browse the journals for useful information pertaining to their studies.

Tutors will also be recommending useful articles and therefore students are encouraged to visit the module pages regularly for new materials. These journals are particularly helpful because their contents may be cited in assignments and therefore should be useful for wider reading and essay writing. To access the journals, log into the Virtual Campus

Life issues

Following my summary of issues over the summer ( the “credit crunch” has kept many a politician focused on other things, however tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd October) we are once again faced with more weighty matters, as the final stages of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (HFE Bill) will be dealt with in the House of Commons.

If you haven’t done so already, please contact your MP (probably needs to be email or phone at this stage), and encourage your congregations to pray.

Whilst considering the early stages of life, we might also pray about the recent clamour for euthanasia from various quarters

Latest Poll Results

During the last semester, Midlands Bible College and Divinity School ran the following poll on its website.

Other than the core Christian beliefs, which is the most important issue facing today’s Church?

Ecumenism  22.7%  (184 responses)
Human Sexuality  18.8%  (153)
Sanctification  15%  (122)
Israel  14.5%  (118)
The End Times  9.5%  (77)
Gifts of the Spirit  7.6%  (62)
Calvinism and Arminianism  4.2%  (34)
Environmental Issues  3.9%  (32)
Church Government  3.7%  (30)

Total votes cast: 812

For details of the college’s latest poll, which explores Bible translations, go to and cast your vote.

Dr. Stephen M. Vantassel is tutor at King’s Evangelical Divinity School

Interview with Klyne Snodgrass

The latest interview in our Talks With Scholars series was conducted last week with leading evangelical scholar Klyne Snodgrass, Professor of New Testament Studies at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, USA. In this interview, he discusses his well-received work on the parables, Stories with Intent: A Comprehensive Guide to the Parables of Jesus which was published by Eerdmans in ealy 2008.

Phone-in Phobia

The other night, just before turning in, I flicked the TV channel (as you do) over to one of the ‘God’ channels; I think it was ‘Revelation’ (Sky 585), though it could have been their sister channel ‘Genesis’ (Sky 592). I do look in on the many religious channels from time to time, though you may remember from previous entries that I’m not over-enamoured with most of their output. Read more »

More on Worship and Music

About three months ago, I wrote an entry on the topic of Worship and Music ( In the article, I was attempting to articulate the view that we should only offer to God the best we’re capable of  producing, and applying this to music.  One or two people commented on this and made the point that it is really the words which are important in worship music. I’ve also had similar comments made to me personally both before and since that time. And of course, I agree that my argument regarding music could apply to anything we offer to God, so, naturally, it applies to words too. However, I just want to return to my point long enough to raise a spanner over the delicate works. Read more »