Monthly Archives: December 2008

Article on Christianity and Islam in Northern Nigeria

In 2007 the Evangelical Review of Society and Politics published an article entitled Islam, Christianity and Power Struggle in Northern Nigeria, by Dr Emmanuel Sule. For those interested in the continued bitter strife between Muslims and Christians in this part of the world, this article offers an invaluable historical survey which has just been made available to non-subscribers. See full title, keyword and abstract details. To purchase go to the King’s Evangelical Divinity School online shop.

Web Porn – who cares?

I’m just about to write another letter to my MP, James Paice. The poor man must get sick of me at times, though he is very gracious and professional!

You see, it seems that there is very little you can do when you come across pornography on the Internet. Read more »

Knowledge and Faith

In at least one of my recorded lectures for the college, I’ve touched upon the need for us to be constantly aware of the distinction between knowledge and faith. I’ve related more than once my own experience (many years ago) in this area when I mistook my expanding theological knowledge for a deepening of my personal faith, and the shock I felt on realising what had happened. I’m sure that for all students of the bible and theology, this is constantly a ‘clear and present danger’. Read more »

Exciting and important changes

The college is changing name, with immediate effect, to King’s Evangelical Divinity School. This change is now reflected on our websites and logo.

This is for two reasons. First, our scholarly programmes and new postgraduate courses require it. The phrase “Bible College” often refers to practical, unaccredited institutions and is misleading to many enquirers seeking accredited biblical studies. Changing to Midlands Bible College and Divinity School partially resolved the issue, but this was a transitional measure ensuring some continuity with the new brand. Read more »

What Time Is It?

This morning (Dec 3, 2008) Calvin – knowing I’d be interested – rang to ask if I’d seen the Horizon programme ‘What Time Is It?’ (8pm BBC2 Dec 2, 2008). For some reason I’d missed this in the Radio Times, but I promptly brought it up on BBC’s wonderful iPlayer and watched it this lunchtime. Read more »