Exciting and important changes

The college is changing name, with immediate effect, to King’s Evangelical Divinity School. This change is now reflected on our websites and logo.

This is for two reasons. First, our scholarly programmes and new postgraduate courses require it. The phrase “Bible College” often refers to practical, unaccredited institutions and is misleading to many enquirers seeking accredited biblical studies. Changing to Midlands Bible College and Divinity School partially resolved the issue, but this was a transitional measure ensuring some continuity with the new brand.

Second, the college is no longer based in the Midlands and enquirers often ask why we retain a geographical name. Moreover, Lampeter has offered the college office space within the University campus itself, which provides us with exciting opportunities for development and access to resources while allowing us to retain our independence. Furthermore, our innovative e-learning has been recognised and acknowledged so that the University and several UK theological colleges have approached us about distance learning consultancy.

The new name was reached on the basis of considerable prayer and consultations. The name King’s (in the singular, with an apostrophe), refers to the one true King, while the new name also firmly nails the college’s Evangelical credentials to the mast.

See more at http://www.midbible.ac.uk/content/view/145/1/

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